Outdoor Inflatable Mattress Bag Portable Ultralight Camp Air Nylon Pouch NH19Q033-D

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1. Nylon TPU material, good sealing, wear-resistant and waterproof, light and portable.
2. When it is not inflated, it can be used as a storage bag to store items such as mobile phone and charger to avoid wet water in rainy days.

Material: Nylon TPU
Color: Sapphire Blue, Orange, Navy Blue, Dark Blue
Expanding size: 72*35cm
Storage size: 21*5cm
Weight: 0.16kg
Inflation procedure:
1. Open the air valve of the first layer of air cushion and aim at the air bag filling port.
2. Expand the air bag for full air intake and roll up the mouth of the inflatable bag.
3. Squeeze the air bag so that the air enters the air cushion, and then inflate it repeatedly for several times.

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