Naturehike Tableware Camping Set 4 in 1 Picnic For 2-3 Person NH15T203-G

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  • Suit combination / Easy to carry: the size of the pot is designed reasonably to form an integrated package storage mode. It not only saves space and is convenient for carrying out, but also is a good lightweight outdoor picnic product.
  • Aluminum light weight non stick pot: the aluminum material used in the pot body is oxidized, the material is light and easy to use. The non stick pot is easy to clean and heated evenly.
  • Health aluminum body: This product does not use unhealthy harmful coating, pot process oxidation, can be used at ease.
  • Stable handle / Simple storage: it adopts arc-shaped left-right symmetrical handle design, which is not only stable, not easy to slip off, but also convenient to store and occupy no space.


  • Model:NH15T203-G
  • Name: Camping Cooking Set
  • Size: box 190 * 100 * 180mm
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: About 0.68kg net weight
  • Function: Anti friction /High temperature / No harmful coating