Naturehike 8 In 1 Seasoning Bottle Containers Set NH19T002-P

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  • Whether outdoor camping , or family barbecue ,Small size can satisfy your taste buds to enjoy greatly. Waterproof material, safe to use. The outer package is made of 300D cation, and the bottom is made of PVC Polyester Waterproof material, which makes you feel more at ease when you use and travel.
  • Eating at any time , only with a carrying A small bag , instantly. The flat bottle container is provided with a transparent partition layer to avoid the leakage of seasoning and effectively improve the sealing performance of the container.
  • The zipper design is smooth and smooth. The storage bag adopts the anti channeling zipper design, which is not only beautiful, but also smooth and smooth in use.
  • The silk-screen printing process highlights the quality. The logo printing of the container bottle cap and bottle body adopts black silk-screen printing technology, with thick ink layer, strong three-dimensional effect and rich texture.
  • It is suitable for family, outdoor, picnic and barbecue.



150 x 80x 95mm
150 x 125 x 100mm
Storage Bag Material
300D Cation + PVC Polyester
Bottle Cans Material
PET+ Aluminum Cover
Package Contents
1x Storage Bag+2x Cans+4x Bottles
1x Storage Bag+2x Cans+6x Bottles